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Prison Break越狱Season1.EP04

Previously on Prison Break
I didn't kill that man, Micheal.
The evidence says you did.
I was set up
Put down your weapon. 1
I find it incumbent that you see the inside of a prison cell, Mr. Scofield
I'm looking for someone.
A guy named Lincoln Burrows.
The man killed the president's brother.
Why you wanna see Burrows so bad anyhow.
Because he is my brother.
I'm getting you out of here.
It's impossible.
Not if you design the place that isn't.
You've seen the blueprints.
Better than that. I've got them on me.
You find out who's trying to bury him.
Nobody's trying to bury him.
The evidence was cooked. 2
There's a lawyer poking around. 3
Anyone that's a threat is expendable.
Found you a new cellie.
Someone found Fibanacci.
Who was this someone?
Where is it, Fibonacci.
I give you that information, I'm a dead man.

On your feet!
What time is it?
Get up!
On your feet.
What time is it? What’s going on?
Let’s go Lincoln. On your feet.
No. No! Bellick! Bellick! Bellick! NO! NO! Please no! I’m not ready! Please Bellick! Please no!
Make your peace Lincoln. 4 Let’s get on with it. 5
Close on 40.
Haywire, you ever think about breaking out?
What the hell would I do out there?
Not be here.
Halfway houses, psych visits, meds, checkin in with the PO, urine samples, keepin a job. No. why do you ask?
This guy was talking about it in the yard yesterday. I didn’t know what to say.
Tell officer Bellick, he’ll make life easy for you if uh?
If what?
Your tattoos?
What about them?
What are they of?
They’re just tattoos.
Candy time Haywire
They think I have schizo affected disorder with bi polar tendencies. Whatever. Take the pills; keep the quacks off of my back. 6 Bye now.
You know, maybe they give you those things for a reason.
Yeah. To keep me dull, to keep me in their invisible freakin handcuffs. Seriously though, those tattoos, their beautiful. Do you mind if I you know, look at the whole thing?
I do actually.
Does there need to be a reason?
I’m not even talking to you man.
What’s the problem?
Nothing I can’t handle. 7
I knew there was a problem. I could tell by looking at you from across the yard. Guys didn’t I say there was a problem? What’s the problem?
You’re lookin at it.
What? Hay?
Yup. That’s my new cellmate.
That’s a problem.
He doesn’t sleep.
So when do you dig?
I don’t.
Hey, you and I are in bed now. You made me a promise, 8 you said that we were gonna get out of here. You relig now and I’m gonna gut you. So you better take care of business or I will take care of you. Have a nice day.
It’s really coming together isn’t it?
You think it’ll be done in time?
Well I figure we still have the interior alcoves, and the palaters to do, which is no small task, but yes, I think so.
Listen, I have to say that I really appreciate all the effort that you’re putting into this.
I wish there was some way that I could, you know, pay you or something.
There is something you could do for me. My cellmate.
The inimitable Charles Patoshick. Haywire?
Then you know?
Hold it right there. Officer Bellick is in charge of transfers. You’re going to have to talk to him about that.
I tried. But he seems to think we’re a good match. 9
Has he threatened you?
Who? Haywire or Bellick?
Hmm. Unfortunately, unless there’s evidence of violence or sexual predation between cellmates those kind of requests fall on deaf ears around here. 10 Prison systems a little too crowded to for there to be requests based on personality. It’s not exactly sandals out there.

Warden, sorry. Your wife’s here.
What! She’s not supposed to be here till four. 11 Becky, do not let her come in here under any circumstances. She’s not supposed to see this until our anniversary. I’ll be right out. Hi sweetheart. You’re early. Let’s go eat.
You’re acting funny.
I am?
What’s going on in there?
You know, just going over some files.
Becky said you were in a meeting.
This isn’t Toledo all over again is it?
Toledo? How can you say that?
Then you won’t mind if I look.
Warden, I’m not going to be able to cooperate. I’d get killed if I did. Johnson’s still deciding.
Then you and I are done.
You should have just told me.
Well, you know how anxious I get when you come around the inmates.
Have a guard escort Johnson back to his cell, I’ll deal with him later. Let’s go eat.
What are you doing here?
I’m your attorney. I’m representing you now, if that’s alright with you?
Last time you came here, you called me a liar.
Things have changed. I believe you now. I got in touch with Crab Simmons girlfriend, 12 Leticia. She corroborated your story.
Will she testify?
She’s missing. I think that the Secret Service got to her.
Secret Service?
They’ve been poking around. As soon as they show up, she disappears. What do you think happened??
I didn’t realize it went that high up, you know? Do you know what we’re up against?
All I know is that it is more than either you or I can handle on our own.
Project Justice.
Why have I heard of them.
All they handle is death penalty cases. There’s a guy there. Ben Forsythe, I sent him copies of everything I had. I mean, you can go there, tell him what you found. Maybe it’ll be enough to bring him on board.
So uh how’s Sebastian?
What do you mean?
Well, you being here, is he cool with it? 13
I haven’t talked to him about it.
The engagements off.
Oh! I’m sorry.
You can at least say that like you mean it.
I do.
God, you were always a lousy liar?
Hmm. Yeah.
I better get to Project Justice.
Veronica, thank you. I didn’t have a whole lot left.
You can thank me when I get you out of here.
Baby it’s me, you there? Hello? You there?
Hey, if she is she obviously don’t want to talk to you.
It’s Wednesday babe. You gonna come around today right? Look, I gotta hang up now, I gotta go back in the block 14 but you’re gonna be here today right? I’m your man baby and I love you. I do.
It’s a pattern.
What did you say?
Your tattoo, it’s a pattern.
You’re seeing things.
Putting him in with Haywire is a low blow deputy.
What? The shrink cleared Haywire for reentry into gen pop. Besides he’s so doped up on meds, he’s like a kitten these days.
A kitten who murdered his parents.
With all due respect, Sir. If you give Scofield preferential treatment, it’ll undermine your credibility.
Look I know you got a soft spot for the guy because he’s got brains in his head and he’s helping you with that contraption in there but the guys a violent criminal. He deserves punishment just as much as the rest of these guys.
You have been here long enough to know that I’m less interested in punishment then I am in rehabilitation. And sticking him in with Haywire is not rehabilitation in my book.
Well, you delegated authority over gen pop to me boss.
I know I did.
Then you either gotta let me do my job or pass it onto somebody else.
Now Red, go easy. There’s a reason I’m giving you more responsibility. When I retire I’m recommending you to take my place.
Don’t make me regret it?
All I’m saying is take another look at the Scofield situation. I trust your judgment.
Yes Sir.
Whoa, whoa. Hold up. This is supposed to be open visitation. Why are we doin it in here?
Ask your visitor.
What’re you doin Hec? Where’s Maricruz?
She’s not gonna be able to come around here anymore.
Is she hurt?
No. She’s fine, she’s fine. She just uh he’s with me now.
She’s with you now. This is a joke right?
No. she made a decision man. She decided she needed stability.
And she’s gonna get that from you?
Look man, you can think whatever you want about me but uh? I’m not the one who’s in prison. I can actually do something for her. And she wanted me to stop in here first in case you got mad-
You just proved my point. You’re a con and that’s all you’ll ever be.
Make it quick.
He’s uh right in here.
Take a walk job. Scofield! You’re in a restricted area.
I’m doing yard work for P.I., we need some fertilizer.
Then why are you in the masonry section?
Oh, by the way, how’s the foot?
Don’t you ever go around me to the Pope again. Now move.
You know what Haywire? I don’t think we’re gonna work out and since I got here first I think you should go.
I crapped myself once in junior high.
During P.E. We were playing badminton and I knew I would have to walk past the other students to get to the locker room and so. I just started walkin and I tried to make fun of it, you know, before the other kids did. So I turned around behind me and I said, look I have a tail? I just shared a secret with you. Now it’s your turn.
You wanna know what the tattoos mean?
Hey Fish. You making any progress?
You mean with sleeping beauty back there or with the digging.
None. But I know what to do.
Oh yeah. Problem is, you don’t got the stugads to do it.
Abruzzi, let’s go.
See yeah.
Get out of here!
Oh yeah really. Well tell that crazy son of a bitch I said hi.
Wrap it up.
How’s out Aunt Ruth. She out of the hospital yet?
Wrap it up.
Hold on ma. Bite me.
We got a problem now man.
Let’s handle it then. That’s what I thought.
Maricruz! It’s me baby. What the hell’s going on? What the deal with you and Hector?
When were you gonna tell me?
Tell you what?
That Rita Sardini has been visiting you.
Yeah. Hector told me.
Hector told you. Hector told you. Of course Hector told you. Baby that guys a snake, he’s a liar.
Why would he lie?
Why would he lie? Because he’s been trying to get into your pants since the minute we started dating that’s why.
You know what. I don’t know what to believe.
Me mami, believe me.
Yeah well. I wait by the phone twice a week.
Baby, where is this coming from?
I don’t know. Look there’s just so many things. Yesterday I went to Theresa’s house and I saw her baby.
Is that what this is about? You think your clock is ticking?
I’m going to be thirty in a few years.
Baby you’re twenty five. You wanna get pregnant? Let’s get pregnant right now.
Baby, you know I can’t get pregnant until I’m married.
We’re gonna get married in sixteen months.
Yeah, well Hector says that if something goes wrong in there you could serve your full sentence. I can’t wait ten years. I can’t wait ten years baby.
I’m gonna be out in sixteen months. That a promendo mi amora.
Yeah, but what if something does happen. Baby I can’t wait that long. I can’t. I’m sorry baby I gotta go.
Hello? Babe wait hello?
Even if Leticia did turn up again her testimony would be worthless. Junkies with criminal records don’t shine on the stand.
Maybe, but I just found this out all in the past couple of days. I’m confident that I can find out a whole lot more now that I’m devoting all my time to the case. 15
Secret Service agents came to visit you when Leticia was in your office. What did they want?
Nick. Please. You gotta understand Ms. Donovan that, unless there’s new information that you can provide for us we already reviewed Mr. Burrow’s case thoroughly. Do you have any new evidence?
No, but I-
But, that is effectively what you’re telling us, I need to clarify here.
Yes. That is what I’m telling you. But look Mr. Forsike you don’t need to point out what I don’t have. I’m well aware of that. I’m asking for your help because I don’t think an innocent man should be killed for something he didn’t do; and I believe that is what it says in your mission statement in the lobby.
We get thousands of requests for representation.
I’m sure you do-
And I have to decide which cases we’re going to devote our very limited resources to.
I will do all of the leg work, but since I don’t have any experience in death penalty cases I’m simply asking you to point me in the right direction.
I’m sorry. We simply don’t have the manpower.
Thank you for your time.
She’s just leaving now. It’s gonna take half an hour to get across town in this traffic. 16
We’re not going to need nearly that much time. I’ve turned up quite a bit already.
Hey! Have you seen my toothpaste? It was right here.
Haven’t seen it.
I always put it in the same place.
I’m sure it’ll turn up.
Your tattoos. There’s a maze.
Get away from me.
I need to see them. You gotta show them to me. They’re pullin me in.
I said, get away from me.
Okay. He’s got a maze on his skin; he’s got a maze on his skin. He’s got a maze on his skin. Why would he do that? Why would he put a maze on his skin? I don’t know, ow.
How are your contacts in chem. lockup?
Depends who’s asking?
I need a bottle of drain line root control sooner than later.
You got weeds growin in your cell?
Just one.
You’re the one who’s lookin for me?
Yeah. I wanted to ask you a few questions about the Lincoln Burrows case.
I’m Veronica Donovan. I’m representing Lincoln on his appeal.
What about it?
You were the first one to respond to Lincoln’s apartment the night of the murder right?
That’s right.
Look, I’d really appreciate it if you could just tell me exactly what you saw.
Dispatch called in a tip that Lincoln Burrows was seen running from the garage where they found Terry Steadman. So we went over to Burrow’s place.
We spread out, I took the bathroom and that’s where I saw your client washing off the bloody pants.
I don’t need to tell you it was Steadman’s blood do I?
In the report that you typed up that night you said that you saw Lincoln standing in the bathroom, that’s all. But you testified that you saw him washing the pants, now which one is it?
Does it matter?
Did you actually see him washing the pants or not?
Yes. He stood up, turned around. His hands were all wet and looking guilty as hell.
Your testimony factored into his conviction, you know that right?
Huh. You know what Lady; you got any other questions just go through the department.
Ms. Donovan? I didn’t mean to scare you.
What are you doin here?
Nick Savrin, I’m with Project Justice.
I know who you are, but what are you doin here?
Hey look. My boss may not think Lincoln’s case is worth looking into but I do. 17
There’s a quicker way to take care of it.
There’s smarter ways too.
What caught me was that most death penalty cases take ten years to exhaust all appeals. Lincoln got there in three.
So, for it to be expedited there must have been some sort of political influence right?
Well, given that Terrence Steadman is the Vice President’s brother that’s not hard to believe.
How though? Did they get to every judge that rejected Lincoln’s appeal?
Doesn’t take a judge. All it takes is a little special attention from one of the clerks. But how Lincoln got fast tracked doesn’t interest me, it’s why. He was set up and why?
I think the answer to that might be in the victim. What do we know? He was the CEO of Ecklefields right? That he was pushing alternative energy.
Successfully pushing alternative energy. So oil companies, the Saudis, even our own government stood to benefit with out of the picture. Why’d you wait until now to take up the case?
I thought he did it. Like everyone else. I just hope it’s not too late.
It very well may be. You need to prepare yourself for that.
What about you? Why death penalty work?
My father did fifteen years for a crime he didn’t commit. I know first hand that when the government gets you in it’s crosshairs you don’t stand a chance. That’s why. Now do you want my help?
I want back in.
Too late.
I’ll do anything you need. They’re diggin machines. You wanna go to China; I’ll get you to China fish. I’ll dig like a psychotic rodent if I have to fish. I gotta be back in.
As of right now, there is no in. Van Gogh over there is my new cellmate.
But you’re going to do something about it right. You’re going to get rid of him. 18
I’ll do what’s necessary.
You my boy. So how’re you gonna do it anyway?
Let’s just put is this way. Someone’s gonna get hurt.
How’d we miss this, guys?
Scofield’s father was out of the picture by the time he was born, took his mother’s maiden name.
Alright. Scofield had no priors and a full time job as an engineer.
Then he goes and robs a bank, discharging a gun in the process so that at sentencing he could maneuver his way to Fox River where his brother is scheduled to die in less than a month. Obviously something is up.
All due respect, but brothers are incarcerated together all over the country. It may just be a coincidence.
Move on the younger brother. Do it preemptively, before anything rises up and bites everyone in the ass.
It’s a pathway. Where does it lead? Where are you taking me?
What are you, nuts?
Officer! I need an officer!
No, no, no.
What the hell’s the problem down here? Son of a bitch. Open up on 40.
He’s got a pathway on his body. It leads somewhere.
Back off Haywire.
Look! Look at his tattoos. There’s a pathway in there.
I said back off Haywire. You wanna hot shot?
I’m telling you. It’s a pathway to hell. It’s a pathway to hell. He’s taking us to hell.
So the gang’s all back together again. Well, ain’t that swell. Told you not to go around me to the Pope, but you just keep making waves don’t you?
I’m back man.
It’s good to have you back.
So when do we get started?
Good afternoon Mr. Scofield.
How are you feeling today?
Well, good.
What happened?
Uh, caught an elbow playin basketball.
Uhuh. Mind if I take a look?
By all means.
You know, you’re going to get killed in here right? If you’re not careful.
I’ll make a bet that when I get out of here, alive, I’ll take you to dinner; lunch, a cup of coffee.
Michael, this this charm act could be exactly what is getting you into trouble out in the yard.
Lean forward.
Alright, you went to the parking garage and Terence Steadman is already dead.
That’s right.
You said that you ran and took the gun.
Dumped the gun.
Storm drains. Van Buren Wells.
Nobody ever found it.
Alright. What do you do after that? You go back to your apartment.
I was freakin out, tryin to figure out what happened. 19 Then I saw the bloody pants in the tub.
Cops busted in a minute after I got there.
The pants, the ones with Steadman’s blood on them. First cop on the scene said he saw you washing them in the bathtub.
He’s lying. My hands were wet after splashing water on my face.
Lift up your hands. Hands up.
I never touched those pants.
Which brings us back to the gun; the one you said you dumped
It was planted. That’s the only way it could have got there.
Ballistics matched the bullet to-
The gun was planted. It was planted! Just like the pants.
Your fingerprints were all over the gun.
Who’s Beau?
He’s the guy who arranged everythin.
He had me come around the night before to try out a few guns to see which one felt right. That must have been the set up right there. One of those must have been the murder weapon.
And that’s how they got my fingerprint on the gun, had to be.
Alright so this his Beau coerces you into doing this all to clear a thousand dollar debt.
He was going to kill my son.
A lot of didn’t do it’s and that doesn’t count for much. The surveillance tape, the one that shows Lincoln pulling the trigger, you’ve got it right? If he’s telling the truth then the tape is lying. I think we should take a look, decide for ourselves.
You’re clear.
If the chemicals can eat through the iron pipes, how come they can’t eat through the tube?
It’s only when the chemicals are combined that they become a corrosive. 20
You study chemistry or somthin?
Not in school.
But what you’re doing up there in the infirmary. What does that gotta do with what we’re doing in here?
Getting through this wall is just the beginning. There’s a whole lot of real estate in between here and the outside. The infirmary is the closest building to those walls.
And the weakest link in the security chain.
I think I’ve gotten through enough grout to bust through. I’m gonna need you to make some noise.
Is that the best you can do?
Have some faith Papi. Have some faith.
Not one more word. Next inmate that opens his mouth goes into the hole.
We’re good.
You okay?
Work. It’s fine. I got it.
Everything alright?
Couldn’t be better.
You wanna come in. we’re just sitting down to eat.
No. I just wanted to tell you in person.
Problem solved.
What’s this?
It’s a transfer request. Michael is getting shipped out tomorrow.
Have a good night.

1. put down: 放下。put forth:放出, 发表。put forward:v. 放出, 拿出, 提出, 推举出。put in:v.放进, 提出, 提交
2. cook:【俚语】 伪造:为了产生更加有利的效果而更改或篡改;修改。此句可理解为:证据是伪造的
3. poke around:表示闲逛,多管闲事。
4. Make your peace Lincoln.表示:安息吧,林肯。
5. get on with 表示:着手…对…开始动手
6. quack n. (鸭子)呷呷叫声, 庸医, 骗子 of my back表示:远离我。
7. Nothing I can’t handle. 此句为倒装句,强调nothing。译为:没什么我不能处理的。 handle:do with,表示处理。
8. make a promise: 许诺,答应。keep promise: 遵守诺言
9. match:般配,匹配。good match:很般配。译为:可他似乎觉得我们很般配。
10. fall on deaf ears 表示对某事不加处理,管理,避而不见。译为:一般我们对这种要求都不予处理
11. be supposed to (do) 被期望或要求; 应该 (用于否定句中)不被许可。译为:她应该四点以后才来的。
12. get in touch with sb. 表示和某人联系。此句译为:我跟Crab Simmons的前女友Leticia接触过了
13. cool 表示凉爽, 凉爽的空气。此处可引申为:介意。译为:你到这里来他不介意吗?
14. in block 整批, 全部, 整个儿。译为:我得回去了
15. devote vt. 专心致力于, 献(身), 贡献 供奉, 供献。devote oneself to 致力于, 献身于; 专心于。与介词to连用,其后加名词或动名词。如:He devoted all his time to his job. 他把他的全部时间都用在工作上了。
16. it takes (sb.) some time to do sth. 表示某人花多长时间做某事。如:It takes a lot of money to buy a house. 买一所房子要花一大笔钱。
17. worth: adj. [用作表语, 后接名词或动名词作宾语] 值, 相等于...的价值 值得...的, 有...的价值的. 如:It's worth seeing [hearing, reading] 值得一看[一听, 一读]
18. get(be)rid of:摆脱, 除去,rid oneself [sb., sth.] of 摆脱; 驱除; 除去; 解除。如:"You are supposed to get rid of carelessness, for it often leads to irretrievable errors." 你们一定要小心,否则会导致严重错误。
19. figure out:v. 合计为, 计算出, 解决, 断定, 领会到
20. 此句为强调句,常见的强调句结构是it 引导的句子。It is (was) 被强调部分+ that (who) + 句子其他部分。此结构强调的成分仅限于主语,宾语和状语。如:It is from the sun that we get light and heat. It was not until I had read your letter that I understood the true state of affairs.